Be the Difference!

Become a member of the NJSSA Executive Board!

2019 Elections are on and We Need You!

We need to VOTE for President, Vice President, Secretary Treasurer and 2 Board Members!
Make a Difference in the Auction Industry! Become a Leader of the NJSSA!
Interested? Please contact the Head of the Nominating Committee Joe Bodnar or Robert Cammarieri

As Vice President of the NJSSA for the past 3 years it has been an honor serving you in the auction industry. In three years, we saw a licensing law come thru the state without representation and us as a Society was able to work with the congressman to help tailor the law to our requests. It died in the House, but we stayed on top of any changes before moving forward. We reestablished the past with the summer picnic and some real good meetings with meaningful speakers and grew toward the future with our Facebook page and our first Lifetime Achievement Award. The leadership of Robert Babington brought together all members to the table with his wife Lisa taking on the challenging job of Secretary Treasurer proved for a successful 3 years! I would personally like to thank them both for the dedication & service in the auction industry.

As our unprecedented third year comes to a close, we must elect new leadership. Whether you like what you see, or if you would like to see change, now is the time to step-up and be a leader in the NJSSA. If you are interested please contact me at 908-693-6278, or drop an email to , or better yet show up to the Annual Christmas Party on December 17, 2018 and tell me you want to make a difference in person!

On a side note don't miss out at the Christmas Party, for the Fun Auction, Bill Barron donated several personal gavels from the late B.G. Coats. He was the first President of the NAA in 1949 and was instrumental in forming the NJSSA!