My fellow Auctioneers.

First, I would like to thank you for having faith in me to lead this organization into the post covid era. The newly elected board had their first meeting on June 6, 2023, and it was very productive. I know things have been quiet in the past but with mutable second-generation auctioneers and brand-new auctioneers on the board, I see many exciting things happening NOW! We have voted to move forward with a new website hosted by Auctionlook! Auctionlook will not only host our site but will promote our auctions on over 30 other sites! This fresh approach will showcase NJSSA members and make you stand out over non-members. We have also reinstated our promotion on Auction Zip reminding the public to use an NJSSA Member showing Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism, a campaign that will also be resonated among social media. Our first meeting is set for September 12, 2023, in the Hightstown Area with a Speaker from Bidspirit, Stephen Binkley. Stephen has decades of experience in the auction industry and will be explaining how BidSpirit can help you operate your auctions online and streamline the process when using some of the popular other auction platforms.  Our Annual Christmas Party will take place December 5, 2023, in the South Brunswick Area with a fun auction and spirits! We are also looking forward in 2024 to do several events at country fairs and meeting with valuable speakers to help you navigate this post-covid auction world. We also made a committee to review the current by-laws and bring them up to date to fit the current auctioneers of this digital world. All exciting news! I hope to see you at our next meeting and my God bless your businesses!

Joe Bodnar
NJSSA President