Dear NJSSA Members,

The summer picnic at Monmouth Park was a blast. We had a good turnout. No big winners 💵  but we had some little hits. The food 🍴 and the service were very nice and loved that valet 🚗 parking. Besides the private air-conditioned room with staffed caterers for our buffet, we all enjoyed each other’s  company and our commitment to each other  and the NJSSA organization. We bet and petted the horses 🐎 and the youngins rode the ponies and played in the bouncy house.

1 will be updating the NJSSA Facebook page soon with pictures and videos — so keep checking those > emails.

Also, mark your calendar we have tentatively set some future event dates:

  • Executive Board Meeting, September 4* (Tuesday)
  • ALL Member Meeting, October 8" (Monday)
  • Executive Board Meeting, November 5% (Monday)
  • Holiday Party, December 3" (Monday)

As always, it's a pleasure, sincerely,

Lisa Babington, Secretary Treasurer
New Jersey State Society of Auctioneers