Whereas, the Auctioneer is a confidant of the public, and whereas we pledge ourselves to observe the law of God and the Golden Rule, and whereas we strive to cultivate the spirit of cooperation, we do hereby constitute ourselves the “New Jersey State Society of Auctioneers, ” and do adopt for the purpose of governing the society, the following Constitution, Rules, and Regulations.



Name and Offices

The society, known as the “New Jersey State Society of Auctioneers,” will have its headquarters and principal offices located at the residence or business office of the duly elected Secretary-Treasurer. The officers and Directors may from time to time (if deemed in the best interests of the society) designate or establish other office locations.



The objectives of this society shall be to promote and advance the auction profession; to protect the public from unscrupulous practices; to protect the auctioneer in all matters of legislation or regulation; to discuss matters of common interest; to provide technical training; to provide advertising and publicity for the membership as a whole; and to help any member conduct his auction, should he, through no fault of his own, or through uncontrollable circumstances, be unable to do so.

The use of he, him, his also means she, her, and hers. All gender specific terms are meant to be all inclusive

Article III

Membership Classification & Requirements

Section 1.
AUCTIONEER (Voting) – Any person who qualifies by submitting written proof of having conducted five (5) public auctions (via contracts, settlement sheets and/or newspaper ads including said auctioneer’s name). Also any person who has successfully completed a prescribed auctioneering course in an approved auction school, will be eligible for the classification of auctioneer by submitting a copy of a diploma or similar proof of such attendance. Any applicant not submitting such proofs may join the Society in the category of Associate membership until such time as proof of the five (5) auctions can be produced. Applicants cannot advertise as members of NJSSA until they are sworn in a duly constituted meeting of the Society.