General Meeting – Monday – November 6, 2017 (reschedule from 9/11/17)

NJSSA General Meeting
Monday November 6, 2017
Are You Willing to go to Jail for Selling a Deer Head?
Willing to Pay a Fine for Selling a Butterfly?
Find out what you can sell legally in New Jersey as we have a presentation from the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife. Are you in violation when selling taxidermy? What are the consequences? This presentation should answer all the unknowns and save yourself from a huge headache. Come Meet Officer Brian Mathews and be compliant! All Members just pay for your food!
5:30pm Special Board meeting
6:00pm General Meeting Called to Order
6:15pm Diner will Be Presented
6:30 Guest Speaker New Jersey Division of Game & Wildlife
7:00pm Network with your fellow Auctioneers
Please RSVP Host VP Joe Bodnar at